Subject Re: [IBO] new TIB_Datasource component editor
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Jason,

you wrote:
>>actually, i wanted to ask Jason to "assimilate" it
>>into the main tree for one of the next releases, when
>>it has "settled" and others find it useful -
>>wanna try it? :
> Yes, if possible I would like this to become a standard part of the IBO
> components too.
> When you feel it is ready to hand over to me I'll glady review and merge it
> in. This way I will take over the maintenance of it and Frank won't feel
> like he just adopted a new baby to raise.

"feel it is ready to hand over" is nicely put, my
problem is that i didn't get any feedback so far
except from Norman (btw thanx for the BCB package,
Norman!), so i can't really tell whether it's ready...

as for integrating it into the main tree, i would
like to stick to your naming conventions wrt. forms
etc.: forms are named IBF_xxx afaiu, but how should
i name the other units to comply?


P.S. don't worry about me adopting a new baby,
i've got so many (source code babies, that is!)
that this one won't make a big difference :-)