Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Transaction.LockWait strange behaviour
Author IB Objects
> I think this could be the result of how I clear the locks. I use a
> because in earlier days there wasn't the possibility of doing a
> rollback_retaining. Now that this is possible in Firebird I can implement
> that way and this should work as you like it to. I'm working on the code
> changes to enable this improvement. It's not going to be a simple change.

I've just about got a fix ready and I would like some people to test the
code. I'm adding a method called LosePoint to correspond with the SavePoint
functionality only this will do a rollback retaining instead of a commit

This is being integrated into the transaction handling and correlated with
DML caching, automatic OAT processing, before/after events, transaction
status, etc.

This is a pretty major change so I may not get it out for a couple days
until I've properly tested everything.

Please send your requests to test this privately and I'll respond with a
patch that assumes you already have the latest of IBO. If you are using the
eval version and you want to test then along with it please request
trustware access on the basis that you are helping debug new code.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton