Subject Re: [IBO] ReportBuilder 7.02 / IBO 4.2 / Delphi 7
Author radevojvodic
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> I looked at it. It was done for ReportBuilder 5.5 and not 7.02.
I'll give it
> a try anyway
> Thanks
> Salim

Hi Salim,
Several guys here tried to get it to work properly. You can find our
solution on contributed page. But, there are still some problems and
most of them are related to bookmarks. So if you are able to give it
a look maybe you can find a better solution. For now i haven't found
any serious problems to use it with 7.01 so i suppose that it can be
compiled with 7.02 also. Main problem that i had with my applications
is when i want to use rangebegin and rangeend as CurrentRecord and
when i want to use numbers with more then 4 decimal places. So,
that's where you should start to dig in.

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> > I was also following this thread. It was not answered.
> This part has already been done. Look at the Community Code
> part of my web-site.
> Jason