Subject Re: [IBO] IBO shortcuts
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Jason,

Jason Wharton wrote:
>>There is shortcut when using IBO to make TIB_edit? I mean before when
>>iam using IBX or BDE, I just double click the TDataset then a window
>>will popup with the list of the fields the TDataset contain. And I
>>just simply drag all the selected field I want to display into the
>>form, automatically TLabel and TDB_edit where created at once.
> No, I have not made such a feature. I'd like that feature though.
> Frank, did your design-time add-ons do that?

no, at least not yet ;-)

i think he had the bde db form wizard in mind -
shouldn't be too hard to make this for IBO, though.

atm i'm knee deep in the OTA (open tools api) to
accomplish some other things i'd like to have,
but i'll give it a try when i've finished that.

more soon...