Subject Re: [IBO] key links for newbie
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:55 PM 12/06/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>hi does this mean that for update is something like the for do select
>statement in stored procedure?

No. Its purpose is to return one row at a time from the output set that
the server is holding for the statement. In PSQL, FOR SELECT DO cycles
through an input set. It's often used in combination with SUSPEND to
return an output set to the client.

>and you have mention variables? is
>that the same variable we use in the store procedure?

No. Embedded applications are C programs. The "host variables" I
mentioned are ordinary variables in the C program that are declared for the
purpose of receiving the values specified by a SELECT statement. Stored
procedure language (PSQL) is a set of SQL language extensions that enables
you to write server-based code modules (SPs and triggers). The ability to
use local variables (i.e. local to the module) is one of these language

>Thanks for the well explanation, but you have not touch the topic
>about using different kind of sql statement in TIB_lookupcombo setup,
>and the different use of keylinks and etc ...

Yeah, well, I was hoping someone else would do that, since I'm racing for a
deadline right now, and this is something all non-newbies know. But I'll
get the other message and try to give you a brief rundown.