Subject RE: [IBO] Master-Detail and ClientDataSets
Author Salim Naufal
Hi Jason,

I have a complete example with both IBX, IBO components, and a small
Database. The example is downloadable at:

Extract the files to directory c:\prectest and compile. Then, put 100.00 in
the debit fields. The top part illustrates the IBO behavior and the lower
one the IBX behavior.

I will also post the example for the master-detail example.



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Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 03:23
Subject: Re: [IBO] Master-Detail and ClientDataSets

I'd like to look at your example if I could.

The VCL has been difficult to follow in just what it expects with regard to
precision, size, digits, etc. I think I've ended up getting bounced around
between what works for one person and then break it for another. I'd like to
see if somewhere I can get it resolved for everyone.

Jason Wharton