Subject Re: [IBO] Help a beginner
Author IB Objects
Take a look in your EditSQL (UpdateSQL), InsertSQL and DeleteSQL properties.
Something in there isn't matching up. Also, what are your KeyLinks set to if
at all.

Or, try things anew in a fresh component dropped from the pallette and see
if that clears it up.

IBO seems a littly awnry at times but it just want's to make sure things are
correct in your application... This is one of those cases.

Thanks for coming to the list for help instead of giving up.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] Help a beginner

> Iam a beginner just trying to learn this IB Objects. I have been
> trying to learn this about four hours already and I encounter this
> problem where I dont know what to do
> Iam getting a message like this "invalid custom DML column reference:
> RDB$DB_KEY." what does this mean? I have a sql statement like this in
> the query1.sql
> select d."invdate", m.*, d2."port", d2."etd"
> from "invoicedetails" m inner join "invoice" d on m."invid" =
> d."invid"
> left join "packing" d2 on m."packingid" =
> d2."packingid"