Subject Re: [IBO] FOR UPDATE
Author Jason Wharton
> I have seen this statement at the end of some sql property of
> TIB_query. what is that for?

It tells the server to send records to the client one at a time instead of
batching them together for greater efficiency. Reason it does this is so
that the cursor can keep the record pointer (which is unidirectional) on the
record just sent to the client and then, because in Firebird/InterBase
cursors are named, it is then possible to execute an UPDATE statement with a
where clause of WHERE CURRENT OF <cursorname> instead of what I call a
searched edit which would use data values.

I discourage the use of this with a buffered dataset such as TIB_Query. You
may want to use it with the TIB_Cursor component but again I think it will
still be somewhat inefficient.

Jason Wharton