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As Helen has said, you will need to allow the exception to be raised and
your client code will need to deal with it. I'm open to suggestions on how
this could be improved but in a generic sense I have only been able to add
methods you can make use of.

Harald mentioned the ForceDisconnect method which could help reduce the
amount of code you write. Also, as I've said before, when using the OnError
events don't actually make calls which will add to the confusion. Allow an
exception to be raised and then handle it appropriately.

What would be ideal is to have in my error handling the ability to do a
retry operation that would allow a certain amount of things to happen, as
well as some user interaction, before failure happens. However, the API
doesn't really have that kind of capability built into it.

I could go to tremendous amounts of painstaking work to work around this but
I'm not there yet nor will I be in the forseeable future. I would expect
Firebird to have better behavior with flaky connections before I'm going to
try and move mountains to work around it.

Jason Wharton

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> I am still 'stuck' with the problem of trying to reconnect the
> tibodatabase when the physical connection is reconnected. If you
> break the physical connection the VerifyConnected returns false. If
> you reconnect the physical connection the VerifyConnection still
> returns false, and the ibodatabase still reports 'Connection Lost'.
> I find temporary network losses common around here (South Africans
> buy second hand network cables from India) so this issue is fairly
> important to sort out.
> Thanks
> Rod