Subject Master-Detail and ClientDataSets
Author Salim Naufal
I am having severe problems with IBO and ClientDataSets. Besides misreported
precision and size, I am unable to get it running with master-details and
ClientDataSets. The structure is as follows:

1 - SALE_HDR (CODE integer not null primary key, .....)
2 - SALE_DETAILS (CODE integer not null primary key, SALE_HDR_CODE INTEGER
NOT NULL references SALE_HDR(CODE) ....

When I try to apply the changes, I get the "No corresponding master record

I have been using IBX without any problems in both cases.

Does anyone have any experience with the TIBOQuery, master-details and
ClientDataSets? Are there other alternatives? Please not that the SALE_HDR
table has about 1,000,000 records and SALE_DETAILS about 20,000,000 records.

I have an example to illustrate this problem. It includes a database with
just what is required.