Subject Re: [IBO] invalid custome DML column reference: RDB$DB_KEY
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:28 AM 9/06/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Iam trying to learn this new stuff. And I always get this message,
>what does it mean and what should I do to prevent.

Somebody already answered this - see Paul Vinkenoog's posting in response
to "Help a beginner".

>Why is it that when I have my Tquery active in the design time it
>doesn't appear to be active at the runtime. I have to add a code to
>make it active at the runtime.

That is the desirable approach with client/server. It is very costly to
open your app with all guns blazing.

>Is there something needed to be done?

If you want to emulate the BDE behaviour, drop a TIB_Sessionprops onto your
datamodule and set its StoreActive property true. For more info, search
this property in the IBO help.

But this was *never* a cool idea, except as a convenience in the IDE.

You are better to proceed with your runtime approach, because it will give
you better performance to open database links only if and when they are
needed. It also gives you fine control over the interdependencies between
linked datasets.

It will help you, your helpers and others having the same problems as you,
if you post each problem in its own thread, with an appropriate Subject.