Subject Re: [IBO] OT: Barcode Recognition Components
Author Damian Dowling
At 17:10 05/06/2003, you wrote:
> > First, sorry for being off topic. I am looking for a royalty free
> component
> > that can do barcode recognition on images in memory with out costing
> the earth.
> >
> > Does anyone have any suggestions?
>The one that I use came with the scanner. i.e. the scanner
>outputs data rather than images.
>What format of images are you thinking off and what bar
>code. The 'algoithms' for doing the conversion are not
>difficult if you have a clean bitmap. The clever bit that
>the scanners do is scale for distance and scan rate. So
>where are oyu wanting to use it?
>Lester Caine

We have a high speed flatbed scanner scanning delivery docs printed out by
my app, as such i can print any type of barcode on the document. What i
need is something that i can pass a bitmap, jpg, etc to that will scan the
image for any barcode and return the data read.

The documents can be a bit dirty but are generally good quality.


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