Subject RE: [IBO] Getting column reference from TIB_Cursor?
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Lester,

>> When did that one appear <g>
Oooh, ages ago :o)

>> You seem to have everthing I have found. It's been a long
>> time since I have had any BDE code, but starting a project
>> 'clean' in IBO is a doddle nowadays <bg>
Well, I cannot accept full responsability, after all, you wrote some of it !

Most of the stuff I found was encountered when I converted the Delphi code
to C++ for the GSG some time back. There's stuff from Geoff in there as

>> Why won't Borland acknowledge the problems in Bulder - it
>> should be easy enough to clear them.
The Borland NGs are full of this as well, it probably a 'big comapany' thing
- you know, why should we fix this when there are other fantastic, new
fetures coming in the next release. I see a couple of patches for each
release, then nothing more. And once the 'next' version is out ......

>> Losing track of the 'current' directory seems still to be present in B6,
as well
>> as the BuildAll problem.
This is not showing up in my system, however, I'm using the workaround of
having an environment variable in my path - so it doesn't fiddle with the
names. I have everything under $(BCB)\source or $(BCB)\projects and it all
'just works' - famnous last words.


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