Subject Re: [IBO] Getting column reference from TIB_Cursor?
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:39 PM 29/04/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Yes, I did, and it won't compile. I get the following error (BCB4):
>'Fields' is not a member of 'TIB_Row'.
>Here is my code:
> ScratchCursorX->Close();
> ScratchCursorX->SQL->Clear();
> ScratchCursorX->SQL->Add(thequery);
> ScratchCursorX->Open();
> if (ScratchCursorX->Eof)
> return 0;
> else
> return ScratchCursorX->Fields->Fields[0].AsInteger;
>It's the last line that causes the compile to generate the above error.

Don't call Open on TIB_Cursor. It's a unidirectional cursor so Open takes
you nowhere except BOF.

Call First. And remember to test Prepared and call it if not Prepared.