Subject Re: [IBO] Zebedee and TIB_Connection component
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:56 PM 27/04/2003 -0400, Doug Chamberline wrote:
>At 4/27/2003 05:40 PM (Sunday), Helen Borrie wrote:
> > > Server
> >
> >/opt/interbase/dbdata/XXX.fdb
> >
> > > and Path
> >
> >
> >Protocol should be cpTCP_IP
> >
> > > DatabaseName
> >
> >--- will appear automatically as EFGH:/opt/interbase/dbdata/XXX.fdb. You
> >can change it to anything you like, as it will be used like an alias.
>Helen, You sure about this? Seems entirely non-intuitive to me. (I don't
>know IBO at all,
>so feel free to steer me straight if I'm all wet.)

No, Doug - THANKS for picking up the wonky cut-and-paste!!

>To me the logical values would be server=ABCD,




>, and those would produce


>The ZBD settings would also normally require the explicit mention of a port
>number at client, server, or both ends.

If this is needed, then (for Firebird) the whole string would be:


Looking at the way the entries are parsed into the DatabaseName, I think it
should be

Server - ABCD/3050
Path - /opt/interbase/dbdata/XXX.fdb

Thanks Doug.