Subject Re: [IBO] Zebedee and TIB_Connection component
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:47 PM 27/04/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> I am trying to use zebedee under the folllowing condition
> Server Firebird in Linux Redhat 7.3 in called ABCD
>and databse is /opt/interbase/dbdata/XXX.fdb
> Client in WIndows XP called EFGH
> I am trying to test Zebedee in localarea network environment with
>intention of moving to an internet connection from server to client
> These are on a 100 MB localarea network.
> My application is in Delphi 5 and IBO. I am using TIB_Connection
> Could someone tell me what should be in

> Server


> and Path


Protocol should be cpTCP_IP

> DatabaseName

--- will appear automatically as EFGH:/opt/interbase/dbdata/XXX.fdb. You
can change it to anything you like, as it will be used like an alias.

>properties of TIB_Connection component in intrera and
>internet environment.