Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird and ISO8859_1
Author Daniel Rail

At April 23, 2003, 06:51, mao wrote:

> Hello,

> i have created a database with the characterset ISO8851_1.
> But by execute the following SQL-Statement:
> ID='00000000000000000000'
> with the JDBC driver 'interbase.interclient.Driver', i got the exception

> interbase.interclient.SQLException with the message:
> [interclient][interbase] arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or
> string truncation Cannot transliterate character between character sets

> Has anyone an idea how can i solve this problem.

It is off-topic for this group. There's another group called
Firebird-Java on Yahoo Groups. Also, InterClient has been
discontinued. Try using JayBird(newest JDBC), you can download it from
the Firebird site on SourceForge.

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