Subject RE: [IBO] Applicatoin.Terminate
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:23 AM 23/04/2003 +1000, you wrote:

>Sorry to harp on this but you appear to be saying that we should ignore the
>documentation on this subject and follow, rather, someone's lore on it?

No: in any event I would say "please yourself" - nowhere is it writ that
you have to follow advice from me or anyone, or not carry on doing
something that you are instinctively sure is OK.

This isn't the first time a question has come up about "Application."
calls, since they can and do break the flow of some object processes. In
one shop I worked for, it was verboten to jump out of the object's own
unwinding sequence. It's always seemed a good coding standard to
me. Seven-odd years of working with Delphi have taught me a bit about
what's cool and not so cool to do