Subject Applicatoin.Terminate
Author Alan McDonald
> I just noticed this after I replied. Never call
> application.terminate from
> within the application. Call Close on the Main form or datamodule unit.

Helen, this is from Delphi help:

Terminate method (TApplication)
Ends application execution.
Delphi syntax:
procedure Terminate;
C++ syntax:
void __fastcall Terminate(void);
Call Terminate to end the application programmatically. By calling Terminate
rather than freeing the application object, you allow the application to
shut down in an orderly fashion.

Terminate calls the Windows API PostQuitMessage function to perform an
orderly shutdown of the application. Terminate is not immediate.

Terminate is called automatically on a WM_QUIT message and when the main
form closes.

.. Sounds like it's an orderly way of forcing your application to shut down.
Where is it written that this method should not be used?