Subject Looking for rationale...
Author Alan McDonald
I have a need for users to enter ten or fifteen records a month into a table
which requires them entering barcodes numbers (generated by a third party).
There is a unique constraint on the barcode field.
I can catch a duplicate with OnError testing for ERRCODE:335544665 and
showing a message, rollingback the transaction but:
this means they will loose previous correct data as well as the duplicate
attempt. I suppose I can try to commit after post and start a new
transaction for each record entry...
I can ask that they enter all barcode numbers before they enter details for
each record. This will avoid them loosing valid records in the same
transaction as invalid records.
I also notice that even if I swallow the exception after rollingback, I get
an IBO E_Record_Not_Inserted exception message which I can't seem to avoid.
I'd like not to have both mine and IBO's message.
Does anyone have a rationale for doing this kind of thing?