Subject Cursor Unknown?
Author Alan McDonald
Every so often - with no apparent sequence I can track, I get an exception
Dynamic SQL Error code=-504, Cursor unknown.
I get it on this line... my save point

I can't seem to track down what causes it, or what the exception results
in.. It does not appear to destabilise my application nor does it appear to
rollback any edits.. I can move off the current record and continue
processing/editing etc with no problem.

Someone mentioned that it can be caused by a IB_Cursor not having a default
transaction. I have gone thru all my components to check this and it does
not appear to be the case. I have an IB_Connection with a IB_Transaction
component set as it's default. In some places I use an IB_Cursor with it's
own IB_Transaction using the application IB_Connection. That is, I do not
use the default (internal) transactions for either the IB_Cursor or the
IB_Connection components. But I do use the same connection with different
transactions at different times.

Now does anyone have any othe clues as to what this exception is all about,
how to avoid it r whether I should just swallow it and forget it?