Subject Re: [IBO] BUG with TIBOQuery (IBO4.2Gc) and Firebird 1.5 (RC1)
Author Daniel Rail

At April 14, 2003, 23:24, fabiano_bonin wrote:

> The example below uses the database employee.fdb, shipped with
> firebird.

> 1 - Create a new application in Delphi.
> 2 - Put a TIBODatabase and TIBOQuery in the form.
> 3 - Point the TIBODatabase to employee.fdb.
> 4 - Connect the TIBODatabase
> 5 - Put this SQL in the TIBOQuery:
> 6 - Prepare the TIBOQuery.
> 7 - Look at TIBOQuery.Params.
> 8 - The first parameter 'sales_rep' will be of type 'ftDateTime'
> when it should be of type 'ftSmallint'. The parameter 'date_needed'
> will be of type 'ftString', when it should be of type 'ftDateTime'.
> It appears that the parameter types as shifted one position.

> This occurs only when i use a parameter in the WHERE clause.

> The example above works fine under Firebird 1.0.2.

> I have some urgence in solve this. Do somebody can help?

Can you report this in the Firebird-Devel list? It is the most
appropriate list. Also do keep in mind that FB 1.5 RC1 is not the
official finale release of FB 1.5 and that there might still be bugs.
Also, look in the configuration file, I think there's a parameter that
might be related(not 100% sure, I don't have the file on the system
I'm writing the e-mail from). And, are you using gds32.dll and
fbclient.dll? Or, have you simply renamed fbclient.dll to gds32.dll?

I think that any further communication should be done either on the
ib-support or firebird-devel lists. Since this might be a bit
off-topic for IBO right now.

Best regards,
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