Subject Re: Scripting problem
Author Aage Johansen
heLen wrote:

> Probably any bug that shows up in IB is "normal". Are you
> *really* using it for a production database? In a bank??????????????????

then, Riho-Rene Ellermaa answered:
> ...
> If the new FB that can run together with IB comes out soon, then I can
> switch to that, but currently we can't demand users to swap from IB to
> FB, because you never know what ccan be broken then in other software.

I think Helen just wanted to say that IB/6.0.0 can be regarded as
pre-release software - it contains _serious_ bugs! If you want to use
OpenSource IB, you should use (I think it is).
(And, please do not top-post)

Aage J.