Subject AW: [IBO] Updating data ?
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hello Rainer, comments below

At 08:53 11.04.2003 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello Helen,
>thanks for the effort to help me!
> >1) the SQL of the query
>SELECT * FROM ProgramsToMonitor
> >2) the KeyLinks of the Query
>ProgramsToMonitor.ProgramNo -> which is primary key
> >3) the setting of RequestLive for the Query


> >Also, is your transaction set to AutoCommit?

Still great!

>In my datamodul.Create I do:
> PmcDbConnection.Username:='SYSDBA';
> PmcDbConnection.Password:='masterkey';
> PmcDbConnection.Connected:=True;
> PmcDbTransaction.StartTransaction;
> QProgramsToMonitor.Active:=True;

Most likely you do not need to call StartTransaction.

My guess is that you simply have forgotten to set the IB_Connection and
IB_Transaction properties of your query (and you may check the
IB_Connection property of the IB_Transaction as well). I haven't got any
zip-program installed on this machine, and do not have time to move it to
my other machine in my office, so you have to check this yourself.