Subject RE: [IBO] Scripting problem
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Another question on the same topic. I use TIB_Scripts to update my database.
> Sometimes they contain lots of changes.
> When some error happens in the middle of the script, then next time I can't run it any more, because some changes have
> been commited and give exceptions.
> Is the only solution to put all commited changes into different scripts?

Well, there is no general solution, but the following might be helpful.

- Separate DDL and DML statements into different scripts (whenever possible)

- Test the scripts as much as you can ;-)

- When applying the scripts on a production database, first try to
rename the physical database file. If that succeeds, then you can
be sure that there are no active connections. Make an OS copy
of your renamed database file in case that your DDL scripts fails.

- Run the DDL script

- Run the DML script

Thomas Steinmaurer