Subject Re: [IBO] Pipeline for ReportBuilder7
Author ffranceschi
> I have just reinstalled IBO, but the pipeline doesn't work for me.
> Any ideas ?
> Guido

I have the same problem... look this thread in

I have the "daIBO.pas", (download "")
how to install this?

I compiled the daIBO.pas (I make IBO_D5.dpk, i don't find this) but I
can't running IBO + Report Builder in Delphi 5, I am clicking in
ppReport -> file -> data settings and i don't see IBOSession (only
IBXsession, BDESession, ADOSession)


Which version of RB are you using? You should use the one that is
located in
the RBuilder end user databases demos installation directory for
Interbase/IBO. I know in RB 7.0, there was a problem with
compatibility of
the out of the box version that we ship with IBO 4.2. So, if that
work, then we can email you the latest one that supports IBO 4.2i and
7.01, which is not included in teh current release, but will be in
the next
release. Send a request to support@... and we'll
with a copy of the latest IBO DADE plugin.

-> my reply

I am using report builder 6.03 and IBO 4.0
I am running this demo, and don't show IBOsession in design time (only
runtime) and don't show the tables for to make query wizard
IBOSession dont't show in designer time?
I need help again =]

-> my reply again
>>don't show the tables for to make query wizard
ops, this is showing :)

-> reply
Yes, you'll have to install our rbIBO package in our demo directory
Interbase/IBO inorder to get the Delphi design time support in DADE.
the rbIBO package not compile and install? Double check the output
bpl and
dcp directories so that you aren't trying to install an older version
of the
bpl into Delphi when Delphi loads. Search your hard drive for
rbIBO*.bpl and
dcp to see if there are older ones which you need to delete before
trying to
build new ones.

and now, it's running :o)