Subject Re: [IBO] Displaying COMPUTED fields as a previous field isentered for the first time.
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:41 PM 7/04/2003 +0930, you wrote:
>Helen Borrie wrote:
> >
> > At 10:39 PM 7/04/2003 +0930, you wrote:
> > >Consider a table that has several fields followed by a COMPUTED field.
> > >
> > >1. With a new record all fields that don't have defaults are NULL.
> > >(a) What do COMPUTED fields display in grids and IB_Edits?
> >
> > The computed value that is output by the query.
> >
> > >(b) Are COMPUTED fields automatically updated in the grid and IB_Edits?
> >
> > Only when you refresh the dataset - because they are *output* values.
>Will this work when in Insert mode and the user leaves the field that the
>COMPUTED field uses and
>before all fields are entered and before posting the record?

Will what work? The field is not computed on the client.

>Will displaying a COMPUTED field that is defined like:
> ((SELECT Paddock
> FROM Paddock JOIN Animal
> ON (Paddock.ID = Animal."Paddock ID")
> WHERE Animal.ID = "Animal ID"
>will IBO (or Firebird) generate an exception because "Animal ID" is NULL
>when the dataset goes into
>Insert mode?

Not if you attribute it as COMPUTED.