Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and Firebird!
Author Daniel Rail

At April 4, 2003, 16:21, Anderson Farias wrote:

> I'm using IBX right now (and very happy with it) to work with Interbase...
> but, I'm planning to port my applications to Firebird and probably IBX will
> not be a good option.

> So, I'd like to know if IBO HAS full support to Firebird 1.5??

It depends by what you mean by full support. For the services API,
there's other 3rd party components that you can find on the IBO
website. Otherwise, IBO can be used with FB 1.5. FB 1.5 comes with a
very light gds32.dll which redirects the API calls to the new
fbclient.dll. This option might no longer exist in FB 2.0, it's still
uncertain. I test run my current applications using FB 1.5.

> - I know its
> still beta, but I'd like to know whats the level of support to Firebird
> right now, and if IBO plan to go with Firebird (mantainig full
> support/compatibility) along with Firebird development...

Jason stated that IBO will be compatible with Firebird and Interbase.
You never know, there might be 2 separate versions of IBO if and when
the interfaces and languages begins to diverge too much.

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