Subject Re: Re: Re: [IBO] FBServer has a GPFault (Whats wrong with my code)
>From : Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
>Now, to try and reduce the noise in this thread, I'm going to mention some
>things that are relevant to what you are doing here. This message is too
>rambly for me to spend the hours necessary on addressing it.

Fair enough, reducing the whole thing to one point and one thank you

1. Is it OK to use TIB_Connection with TIBOQuery or is it recommended to use TIBODatabase.

>If you DO need to use a service component, try one of the ones listed in
>the Contributed Code section - bdslib or Lorenzo Mengoni's components. You
>won't then need a separate database connection for server-level stuff,
>which is another highly-probably cause for the server crash.

Thanks, Did not know about his. I will try it - hopefully it will solve the problem.