Subject Re: [IBO] tiboquery & sqltimestamps
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Pete Gajria ;-)

> yep all fixed ....
> ib seems a little picky on the way dates are entered
> (im more used to the oracle syntax)
> simply chopped up the string & concated it differently
> & its working now
> thanx again
> pete -->>
> quit concatnating my last name to my first name...grin~!~

Woops... sorry! I usually try to get people's names right; only if
they don't put them underneath their message I use their email name.
But now I see your name was there all the time. Probably missed it
because my current_timestamp reads 02:26:33 (give or take a few msecs
;-)) ... time to go to bed.

Good night,