Subject Re: [IBO] tiboquery & sqltimestamps
Author petegajria
data is coming in as a string value & if i convert/format that
as tdatetime the msecs are getting cleared

now i also tried what you suggested
> > > QueryField.AsDateTime = Now;
just to be sure it wasnt something in my code
& the msecs are still be cleared out

i tested the above after updating 300 rows in delphi/ibo
& then checked the results via a select in ibconsole as well
as quickdesk. all 300 rows had 000 for msecs.

--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> Hi petegajria,
> > > QueryField.AsDateTime = Now;
> >
> > the above sets all the millisec times to 000
> > the prob is im running a sync between m$sql & an interbase db
> > where the timestamp on the sqlserver side is always assumed to
> > be correct
> > i tried putting in the value i get from sqlserver as datetime,
> > astring, asvariant, assqltimestamp & all of them failed
> In what form do you get that value? As a TDateTime with non-zero
> milliseconds? And if so: if you assign that value to
> do the milliseconds get cleared?
> Greetings,
> Paul