Subject Re: [IBO] tiboquery & sqltimestamps
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi petegajria,

> im running into an issue where i need to timestamp every row in a
> table & the timing needs to be precise down to the millisecond
> however when using tiboquery it doesnt seem to like
> queryfield.assqltimestamp & runs into issues when i try to
> insert/update data into the table
> anyone else run into this & is there a workaround. the field shows
> up as datetime when the fields are bound at design time.

How about

QueryField.AsDateTime = Now;

This works for me (at least the BCB equiv does).

Alternatively, and if you're using Firebird on a Windows server, you
can let the database engine do the work: define "before insert" and
"before update" triggers for the tables concerned and have them assign
GetExactTimestamp() [from FBUDF] to the fields in question.

Paul Vinkenoog