Subject Re: [IBO] PessemisticLocking performs commit retaining
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "xpl_nico" <nschoemaker@x> wrote:
> --- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...>

> I hope this provide's you with enough information, if you still need
> a sample app. then please let me know.

My humble suggestion is to save Jason's time as much as you can.
My experience is the following:
a) building a sample app can be annoying, but if it's annoying for you
that know the problem, consider how much fun will be having Jason that
has to follow your instructions and try to do the right thing...
b) if you provide a sample, it's easier that your problem will be
addressed sooner
c) often building the sample I've discovered that the problem was not
where I thought it was...
d) I use native controls, and often I've modified a sample provided
with IBO and sent the sources to Jason. This way he has a database and
a sample that he knows, and has only to press a button or follow some
steps to reproduce the bug. Have a look at IBO TDataset samples if you
find something useful

Marco Menardi