Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Patch release IBO 4.2Ic
Author Luiz
Hi, Malcolm

Thanks for your reply, but this problem is not related to refresh. I did my
owner fix and on each new version of IBO, I apply it. It works well for me
and serve to my needs. I couldn't test all possibilities where it may cause
bad behaviour, but untill now all work perfectly to me.


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Subject: RE: [IBO] Re: Patch release IBO 4.2Ic

> I had experienced this same problem in a recent application and the
> was simple BUT I canot for the life of me recall what I did. I have not
> modified any source so it must have been a property setting or a refresh
> some sort. In fact, I think I did a refresh after posting a new record.
> HTH at least a little.
> Malcolm Smith
> Analyst Programmer
> Comvision Pty Ltd
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> > With all respect, I'd like to remember the tib_lookupcombo problem,
> > dropdown, showing insufficient width to show records, issuing scrollbars
> > horizontal and vertical to appear unnecessarily.
> I've spent a lot of time with this issue and I have not as yet figured out
> complete fix for the issue. Taking the code as you gave it to me breaks
> other aspects and so I am at a stopping point. I will not put your code in
> as you gave it to me because is all you essentially did was undo something
> that fixes something else.
> I suspect I'm going to take a hard look at the whole scrollbar/width
> and fix a more root level issue. It very tricky because I am on top of the
> TCustomGrid base class and it ties your hands in a number of ways and
> it hard to predict how things are being handled under the hood.
> I'm open to your continued efforts here and will be more motivated by your
> continued persistence in solving the entire problem rather than just for
> your own particular type of usage.
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Computer Programming Solutions
> Mesa Arizona