Subject Re: [IBO] Cannont install ibobjects types.dcu not found
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:34 PM 30/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>My apologies - if I spent more time reading your post rather than
>venting my impatience I would have seen your kind and correct advice.
>The build now falls over further on in IB_Ledger.pas (1357),
>Undeclared Identifier 'UTF8decode' This doesn't sound Delphi 5

No, its D6. But the problem is in the code patches, not in anything you
have done wrong.

>You asked me to be more specific about the changes made in Jan
>2003. In the header of my IB_ControlInterface.pas is a note from
>Wassim Haddad on 6-Jan-2003 - referring to an added ineterface
>extension to support owner draw controls.

Yep, sorry, I picked that up after I sent the last posting.

>I haven't seen anyone else with my problems so I'm assuming either
>nobody else is using D5 or perhaps my copy of IB Objects has been
>fiddled about with. I downloaded it today from a link on the EMS IB
>Manager site.

The problem is, it is squeaky-brand-new. Jason uploaded it very late last
night, asked me to give it the once-over and announce it. I installed it
in D6 but not in other Delphi versions...all was well, so I posted the

I'll contact you privately and give you a link to get the unpatched version.