Subject RE: [IBO] Optimizing IBO-app: Lookups
Author Alan McDonald
>I don't see how you can sync them with a non-existent provider.
yes, you need a provider for the initial download of data
OR distribute the data files during setup and with subsequent upgrades
- depends how often the data is changed

>Disagree. The provider has return a buffered dataset.
yes, but it does so only very infrequently as the client demands, otherwise
you can "LoadfromFile"/"SavetoFile" on application start/exit for normal
operations which is a significant reduction in across the wire transmission.

So how would you embed TDataset controls in an IB_Grid?
I'll repeat myself:
"as for IBO controls - I thought for a minute
there that there were IBO controls as opposed to IB_ controls - my mistake."

he also said nothing of IB_Grid containment...

BUT in Delphi 1, I used to draw a panel with a combobox on it and make it
appear disapper on enter exit of the column etc etc. After all that's just
what IBO is doing with the aligned IB_ controls. You just draw them on the
canvas. And yes, you'd have to write the code to update the record etc... ho

Jason also suggested use of ComboBox controls... unfortunately they don't
look the same (not flat like IB_LookupCombo

After all - it's just a suggestion - depends how much you really want to
reduce traffic I suppose, or maybe find a better solution.


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