Subject Re: [IBO] Unexplained TIBODatabase properties
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:32 AM 26/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I have ver 4.2Gb installed.
>There are properties _ConnectionLinkCount
> _DataSetCount
> _StatementCount
> _TransactionCount
> _TransactionLinkCount
>My help tells me they are of integer type; thats it.
>Can I find more detailed explanations on these?

No. I guess you could browse all of the sources to find out where they are
read. They are just read-only properties of the wrapped IB_Connection
object, that surface some reference array counts. You can't do anything
with them directly yourself in code although you can step through the
ConnectionLinks[], Datasets[], Statements[], Transactions[] and
TransactionLinks[] arrays and do stuff.

>Are there any of the above to try to keep at a low value?
>My app has the values 430,427,428,2,361 respec. during design time.

This looks pretty consistent with a monolithic application that is managing
428 statements. These are high numbers - that's a very fat client.