Subject Re: [IBO] Still little problems
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Jason,

here is the summary of the problem as you'll be able to see in the
little test case that I have attached to this message.

Since all the fields in the table are defined as NOT NULL at domain
level, IBO should honour this setting when I leave
TIB_Query.CheckRequired := False and I expect that an EIB_ISC_Error
pops out telling me that there are some null fields. Then I can
eventually trap this error in the OnError handler of TIB_Query.

But this doesn't happen.

With TIB_Query.CheckRequired := False the NULL field is transformed
into an empty string (why?) and it is posted in the table. Please
notice that BLANKISNULL is set for the DESCRIPTION field in the
TIB_Query, but I have observed that whatever setting I apply
(BLANKISNULL or not) the behaviour is always the same.

With TIB_Query.CheckRequired := True a correct IBO error pops out
alerting me that there are some required fields not filled, but this
is not my case; I want to see an EIB_ISC_Error trapped in the OnError
handler and this is why I have set CheckRequired := False.

I hope I have been clear enough <g>

To run the attached test case (Delphi 5), you have to execute the
"Test.sql" file first, to create the database in the same source


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