Subject Re: [IBO] Still little problems
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Lester,

> OK. In the absence of any feedback from Jason. How about
> trying "DESCRIPTION = NULL" (properly coded<g>) in the
> BeforePost event of the Query.

Tried. Nothing different :-(

Then I've tried some debugging and digging into IBO code and these are
the results:

I've set up a constant watch on

Now I am in IBA_Dataset.IMP at line 4541 and the internal method
SysExecPost has been just executed. IsNull watch is still True.

Now at line 4557, before the call to the internal method SysAfterPost.
IsNull watch is still True before tracing into this method. I was
thinking that we are about to call an ...AfterPost method, then my
thought is that at this moment the row should already be posted in the
table (but not committed yet). Anyway, let's go further...

Now at line 4961, in method TIB_Dataset.SysAfterPost, just before
calling DoAfterPost. IsNull watch is still True.

Now at line 5107, in method LaunchDSEvent. IsNull watch is still True.
The EV object is assigned and then we are about to call EV(DS).

Now I am in my data-module code, in the query AfterPost handler just
before calling the transaction Commit method. IsNull watch is still

Now I commit and voila', IsNull watch is now False.

I stop here for now.