Subject Re: Inserting with a TIB_Query
Author Marco Menardi
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I usually never "open" queries, I put them in Search state (set also
query ColorScheme to true). Then the user, thank to my IB_WorkBar (see
file in the Files section of this group) and IB_SearchBar, can search
for an existing record or insert a new one, then post + commit.
This avoids useless fetch from the server and lan + server load, and
always terminates transactions (while CommitRetaining used by
Autocommit does not).
Marco Menardi

--- In, "tickerboo2002" <support@t...> wrote:
> A simple one this:
> In the IDE, I normally use the query editor to set the SQL, Key
> Links, Generator Links and the IUD SQL.
> I then Prepare, Open and test for Eof. i.e. I normally select some
> records before I do an insert.
> How would I insert using a TIB_Query without first calling the SQL?
> It's likely I'd want to insert, update and then delete the same row
> before I commit or rollback.
> Do I just call Prepare, Open and then Insert?