Subject Re: Rounding problems
Author Marco Menardi
Sorry but I don't see any problem in my setup.
I use Dialect 3, so if you define something like numeric(15,4)
Firebird stores it as scaled integer.
If you lately in the client retrieve the fields with AsCurrency, you
don't loose precision (of course, you have to assign to a currency
If you are using only integers values, why use scale integers? Use
NUMERIC(18,0) on the database side, and AsInt64 on the client side.
Marco Menardi

--- In, "Pirtea Calin Iancu" <pcalin@r...>
> I've run today into some rounding problems caused by converting
> scaled intergers into real types just to do some + and - operations.
> I had 500.000-499.995 equal to 0.0050000....00xxxx
> comparing 0.005 with 500.000-499.995 was false.
> So, considering the fact that I have precise numerics I would like
> the int64 to be surfaced.
> I'fe created a property called AsInt64Raw that returned the int64
> value without using the scale.
> This way I have integers 500000-499995=5 and I find this property
> very usefull if I have to use the same fields sometimes for real types
> math operations and sometimes for substraction or addition.
> Opinions?
> Best regards,
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> Calin Iancu, Pirtea
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