Subject Rounding problems
Author Pirtea Calin Iancu
I've run today into some rounding problems caused by converting
scaled intergers into real types just to do some + and - operations.

I had 500.000-499.995 equal to 0.0050000....00xxxx
comparing 0.005 with 500.000-499.995 was false.

So, considering the fact that I have precise numerics I would like
the int64 to be surfaced.
I'fe created a property called AsInt64Raw that returned the int64
value without using the scale.
This way I have integers 500000-499995=5 and I find this property
very usefull if I have to use the same fields sometimes for real types
math operations and sometimes for substraction or addition.


Best regards,
Application Developer
Calin Iancu, Pirtea
S.C. SoftScape S.R.L.