Subject Re: [IBO] IBPump datatypes off-topic
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:18 AM 13/03/2003 +0200, you wrote:

>I am new to IBO.
>I have started with IBPump to crate my first FB database and import into FB
>my Paradox's data.
>But it is interesting for me that IBPump suggest me to transfer BCD,
>Largeinit and Currency field into NUMERIC(x,y) instead of Decimal (x,y).
>What is the best: Numeric(15,2) or Decimal (15,2) ?

LargeInt should be Numeric(18,0). Any other precision will cause an
exception. Although Paradox doesn't support LargeInt, it is fine to import
the Paradox integer type as Numeric(10,0).

With Firebird, Numeric(15,2) and Decimal(15,2) are identical. At lower
scales, there is a minor difference in the maximum number that can be
stored - Numeric would define a scale of "at least <scale>", whereas
Decimal would define one of "not more than <scale>".

Also, avoid converting Paradox Numeric type to a floating point type unless
you are sure that you need it to be a floating point type - in which case