Subject Re: [IBO] more about transactions
Author Marco Menardi
I've uploaded a component, UpdateWorkBar, that can be "transaction
aware", so if you provide it with a transaction (the same used by the
datasets you want to edit), Post does a post for all modified datasets
plus a Commit, and Cancel does a RollBack.
This way you have a simple interface for users (the same as
IBUpdateBar) and in addition you manage "hard" transaction.
It's not well refined (it's for my own use now, I will improve it in
the future) but it's usable.
Marco Menardi

--- In, "bemmel2003" <info@d...> wrote:
> Helen,
> I'm sorry to confuse you with bad code.
> This is just an example. I'm aware of the fact that I do not give my
> parameter a value. It's a first time query only performing one time.
> After that it's ok if it's committed immediately.
> My main question is: is it good practise to let IBO commit the
> transaction using it's timer function? Is it better to commit it
> manually, and if so must I use starttransaction, or just let fb start
> the transaction automatically ?
> Leon