Subject Re: Database corrupted after restart app.
Author davissammybr
My database server use same machine of application.
The operating systems is Windows 2000 with interbase 6.
To escape from it i'm using gback in 6 to 6 minutes.
My application is getting 50% or more from processor. It is
normal ?
The application is using a remotedatamodule with 25 clients. There is
no data transfer from server to client or client to server.

Sorry for my english.

--- In, "Tobias Giesen"
<tobias_subscriber@t...> wrote:
> > How can i close my app without generate errors?
> This should never be a problem. Is your database server on the same
PC as
> the desktop application? What operating system? Which version of
> What error message do you get?
> When the database got corrupted, did you create a new one from
scratch in
> order to test it again? A possible cause for corruption is copying
> database to another location while Interbase is still working with
> Cheers,
> Tobias