Subject Re: [IBO] Dumb Newbie installation question.
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:44 AM 8/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I can't seem to install the latest eval version.
>Using Delphi D5 Enterprise.
>Downloaded , the DCU's for D5 etc.
>I have installed the IBO comps in a short path (D:\IBO) followed the
>instructions in the "install.text" to the letter (or at least so I
>After building the packages and then trying to install them, I get an
>error message like:
>"Can't load package d:\borland\delphi5\projects\bpl\IBO40CDT_D5.bpl
>One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be
>I've checked my paths and made sure "d\:ibo" was on it, but nothing
>If anybody can give me a pointer, I'd most graceful.

Look at your output paths for the packages and see where the bpl libraries
are going. The default is ($DELPHI)\projects\bpl which, if you have the
space on your Delphi installation drive, is the ideal place for them.

If you didn't specify output paths for bpl and dcp files, or your
environment specifies different ones, then you'll need to search for the
files and adjust your path settings accordingly. Once that is done, with
D5 you will need to close Delphi and reopen it for the new paths to be
activated. (I always prefer to set up the environment BEFORE I do any
builds...hence the emphasis on this in the How_To_Install.txt)