Subject Re: [IBO] Inserts using TIB_Cursor
Author Ross Williams
At 12:58 PM 3/7/03, you wrote:
>You might be trying to see the posted record from another transaction that
>is in a tiConcurrency (snapshot) isolation.

I don't understand what this means?

The inserted record is not posting - the record is not in the database. The
edits to an existing record are posting. I have another transaction that
displays the data where the edited records show once they are refreshed.
Obviously it doesn't show the inserted records, but then they aren't there.

>If you don't get an exception on the post then it should be inserting a
>record. SQL trace monitor would tell you for sure.

I posted the SQL trace. I don't really understand everything in it but it
looks to me like it is posting the record.

I tried debugging into the IBO code but I really didn't get anything. There
were no errors raised anywhere but I really didn't understand what steps it
was going through. Where in the code is the actual post supposed to occur?

Ross Williams