Subject Re: [IBO] Plans for IBO Help file ....?
Author Jason Wharton
Part of where the hang-up is has to do with what I envision for my help
generation system. I want to migrate all the embedded comments in the source
files into stand-alone documentation files. My chosen tool, Time2Help, is in
the process of finishing a version that has external UnitDoc files that will
accomplish this. They are done to a point but I wanted to wait until things
got out of BETA. I need to check in on the status of this.

As it is right now, I invite people to make changes to the descriptive text
associated with properties, methods, events, etc. and to send me privately
the modified source files. If you want to take this on, I recommend you be
sure to be using the latest and greatest so my efforts to merge the files is

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Plans for IBO Help file ....?

> Hi Jason,
> About the help file:
> > Because I have not completed it yet. I acknowledge there is more
> > work that can be done in it and you are invited to take part in the
> > generation of them. Is all that is necessary is you use the tags in
> > the source code that my help file generation tool reads and
> > constructs the help file from. Let me know if you are interested.
> I too am sometimes troubled by gaps in the help (my pet irritation
> being the places where the type of a property isn't stated).
> On the other hand, I often find myself visiting the source code.
> Combining this with what you write above, I wouldn't mind at all
> extending / completing the help on such occasions.
> Can you give us some guidelines? (What to do - what not to do - how to
> submit.) Or should I email you directly?
> Greetings,
> Paul Vinkenoog