Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBObjects on BCB6
Author Lester Caine
> I have been looking through the archives, and have not found the
> answer.
> I know it should be simple, (I have been following
> the 'howToInstall.txt' instructions, and the notes in the 'Using IBO
> with CPP Builder' helpfile, however I cannot get around this set of
> error messages.
> I only downloaded the IBObjects source yesterday.
> The errors are as follows:
> [Pascal Fatal Error] Unable to build. License is invalid or has
> expired.
> [Pascal Fatal Error] Unable to build. License is invalid or has
> expired.
> [Pascal Fatal Error] pasall.tmp(2): Read error on 'c:\program
> files\borland\cbuilder6\lib\obj\system.dcu'
> [Linker Fatal Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'IBO40CRT_C6.OBJ'
> I get these errors whether I try a 'build all' or by right-clicking
> and attempting to build them one at a time (in the project manager).

I spent yesterday re-installing Builder6 and all my
libraries so that I could have another go moving towards Kylix.

Only problem I found when building IBO4 was that I needed to
tell B6 where the files were - the default directories tend
to differ especially as I NEVER use c:\Program Files for
anything I actually use <g>

Build All will not work until the runtime files have been
built once, so start with 'CRT' and check that everthing is
in the right place. You have to ignore all the other errors
caused by B6 trying to find the later files even though you
do not want them yet - that bug is still in Builder!

Oh - another thought - you do have the Patch4 for BCB6 don't
you. I seem to remember a Pascal Error on the original
install, which had to be patched before we could use ANY

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services