Subject Re: [IBO] Cursor Unknown
Author Marco Menardi <>
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...> wrote:
> Thanks Marco, but no, I don't hide my forms, I create them if they
are nil
> and set them to nil on close.
> My main form calls exit and on datamodule destroy which is pretty
late in
> the exit, I call disconnect... the while loop seems to work - it must be
> asynchronously disconnecting while other things are going on. The loop
> ensure that it all waits I suppose.
> Alan

Ok, that can not be your problem, but I was not talking about hiding
forms, but about destroying them.
Usually components are destroied with .free, beware that for forms
it's better use .Release.
In any case, hope you don't simply assign nil to the form variable
instead of free/release (and it does not make sense do it after one of
them, since it's automatically done by those methods, AFAIK).
Marco Menardi